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No more worries if your payroll person is ill or on vacation.  The most important asset of any business is it's employees. Why risk something as important as payroll to unforeseen circumstances? Simply report your hours to us each pay period and we'll take it from there.  From checks to reports to tax returns - everything is managed for you. Go ahead and take that well earned vacation, we've got you covered!

Full service payroll with the addition of 24/7 online access!  Whether you want a paperless solution or traditional paper checks, our internet based solution is a simple automated process that is easy to use and manage. Unlimited employee and report access using our innovative online interface. Access by computer, tablet or mobile device - what could be easier?

Would you rather submit your payroll to us using a pre-configured spreadsheet?  We'll gladly provide you with a spreadsheet already completed with employee data, pay rates, etc. All you have to do is fill in your hours and submit it to us using our secure encrypted portal.  We'll take it from there!

Using our internet based time keeping system, you can submit your payroll simply by approving your time cards. We'll retrieve your hours for the pay period, directly from the time clock, and create your payroll without further input from you. Effective, easy and accurate!

On the go? Use your mobile device to submit your payroll using our internet or time clock payroll. You no longer have to be shackled to your office to process payroll. Let us take the hassle out of payroll using any one or more of our time saving solutions.

Payroll and More

Time  &  Attendance

Simple and affordable automated timekeeping.



 Track actual minutes worked.

Administrative cost savings  

 Automate time tracking and eliminate

 adminstrative hours.

Increase productivity

 Pay employees for minutes worked only. Eliminate

 late arrival and early departure.

Eliminate buddy punching

 Prevent employee time theft.

Simple online editing

 Log in from any workstation or mobile device to

 easily manage data online

Reduce labor costs

 Dramatically reduce your cost of labor

Simple hardware setup

 Easily set up hardware in a matter of minutes.

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