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Certified Payroll

Certified payroll is a process of recording wages and benefits paid to an employee working on a government-funded job.


Using certified payroll, contract owners can ensure that employees are paid the proper wages and benefits. In most government-funded jobs, the bid documents will list prevailing wages that must be met. These wages ensure that workers are being paid a wage standard in the area. This also ensures that bidders have a fairly level playing field and cannot low-bid jobs by paying minimal wages. It protects local workers in that an employer can not bring lower earning workers from another location to work on the job.


The most common form used to report certified payroll is the federal WH-347. On this form, employers list information about the company and the project, the employee's name, last four digits of his Social Security number and job classification.The form must show each employee's hours worked for the week, rate of pay, gross wages, deductions and net pay.